Dior and Dior Homme celebrated the opening of their Canadian flagship’s in Vancouver with a select group of media, influencers and VIP clients.


By Joshua Langston
Event photos by Joshua Langston
Food photos courtesy of Culinary Capers Catering and Special Events

After months of waiting with baited breath, Dior and Dior Homme opened their first Canadian boutiques in Vancouver at the iconic Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. The space which was previously occupied by St. John, was rendered unrecognizable with a incredible luxurious upgrade. My friend Helen Siwak from Retail Insider and The Closet YVR attended the event together, and were also the first two people in the store opening day. We were THAT excited.

IMG_6366 IMG_6320 IMG_6173 IMG_6541
On the ground level with en entrance in the hotel lobby is Dior Homme, which boasts a modern and open concept with minimalistic and clean merchandising. What I appreciate as someone who may have a mild penchant for shopping, is that you can actually SEE the clothes. Far too often i’m playing tug-of-war with a rack to see all the items being offered. Modern furnishing like leather club chairs add a coziness to the space. IMG_6191IMG_6180IMG_6201IMG_6233IMG_6200

The menswear offerings are quite diverse, offering more casual and sporty styles, as well as, gorgeous ready-to-wear pieces that the modern man will wish to covet, I know I do. The mirrored corridor that connects Dior Homme to the Dior Boutique flanks entire walls of shirtings and sweaters which are pristinely placed amongst well lit shelving.


“It is a pleasure to welcome the Christian Dior Boutique and Dior Homme Boutique to Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Their first Canadian flagship boutique makes a great addition to the numerous luxury shops situated on the lobby level of our hotel.” – Michael Pye, General Manager of Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

IMG_6301The corridor that bridges Dior Homme and Dior houses their fine jewellery, watches and fragrances. I wish I had grabbed a pair of the Dior sunglasses on my way through because of the brilliance and sparkle of the fine jewelry. One of my favourite looks of the night was a 3 piece all over print Marni ensemble worn by a Dior customer named Ellie. We caught up with her briefly as she was trying on one of the fine jewelry pieces. The necklace she tried on in the photo below is completely encrusted with diamonds, pink sapphires and emeralds and goes for a cool $1.75M.


Upon entering the Dior boutique I was handed a crisp glass of Moët as the smooth beats from the DJ trickled past my ear. When I looked at the DJ booth I realized it was DJ Brendan Fallis spinning, and may have started blushing uncontrollably, he’s quite the dapper fellow.

IMG_6378 IMG_6403

The first floor consists of bags, luxury bags, fine jewelry and watches. The upper floor houses the ready-to-wear, eveningwear, shoe salon and a dedicated VIP fitting room.

IMG_6585IMG_6546 IMG_6334 IMG_6331IMG_6552 IMG_6307 IMG_6335

The boutique is filled with unique one-of-a-kind installations which were commissioned by Dior by several contemporary artists. Two of my favourites are the video wall by artist Yoram along the stairwell connecting the floors, and the cosmic ceiling glass by Rob Wynne. The video wall was truly incredible with the way it streamed various projections throughout the night.
IMG_6427 IMG_6519When it came to the catering Culinary Capers Catering and Special Events was there with an incredible selection of jewel hors d’oeuvres. Jewel hors d’oeuvre’s are smaller than your typical hors d’oeuvres, allowing you to eat them in just one bite. I loved the foie gras parfait on brioche with it’s perfect layers of texture from the crisp brioche to the creamy decadence of the foie gras.The cherry gastrique imparted a welcomed soft sweetness to the savoury foie gras and the divine jewel lemon tarts that followed had an incredible texture and the brightness of flavours.

JEWELS - POTATO CRISP WITH TUNA NICOISE 2Above: Potato Crisp with Tuna Nicoise
fois grad parfait 2Above: Foie Gras parfait on brioche, cherry gastrique
JEWELS - CRAB CAKE WITH PASSION FRUIT GELEE 2Above: Fresh Dungeness crab cake with passion fruit gelee

There was such an incredible celebratory vibe in the room, with several guests leaving with Dior carrier bags filled with some new wardrobe staples. I think Dior is going to do very well here in Vancouver, especially keeping in mind the buying habits, psychographics and demographics in our city.


Thank you to Sarah Creedon, her new team, Countdown events and the representatives from Dior US that joined us. It was a stunning evening and it was a pleasure to be a part of it.

Check out the new Dior + Dior Homme Boutique on the lobby level of Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

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