By Joshua Langston

Photos by Viranlly Liemena

On the heels of Deighton Cup: A Weekend at the Races and Diner En Blanc, the boys of The Social Concierge are back. Their latest endeavour in a wildly growing portfolio of haute events, The Monogram Dinner by Design. DxD originated in Ontario and has expanded across Canada and now has hit the west coast for the first time. This series of dinners and cocktail parties is hosted by some of the most sought after interior designers and members of the design community. This is not just a fabulous fete but also a platform to raise funds for local charities. For the Vancouver DxD, The Social Concierge teamed up with IDSwest (Interior Design Show West) to raise funds for the Dr. Peter AIDS foundation.

Lyndi Barrett of STYLEcalling, Editor of TSL Joshua Langston and Heather Oliver of Mediatonic PR

The Media preview was at The Imperial on Main st, and I was shocked what they had done with the space. The venue located on the east side of Vancouver looked very unexpecting from the front entrance, but once we entered the space it was a complete sensory overload. Lyndi Barret of Style Calling, Viranlly and excitedly made our way to the entrance and all we could say was, WOW.  The best part is that when it came to the rules, all that was required was the ability for 10 guests to sit at the table comfortably. To ensure that each table was going to be different, sketches had to be submitted 4 weeks in advance of the event. The designers had only 24 hours to set up their tables in the space, with design spaces varying from 121-220 square feet.



 “The Modern Lucy by Filosophi event planning & design”

Drawing inspiration from the iconic “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” they strayed away from the obvious and pulled meaning from the lyrics. This table was spring personified, from colours to the scent of the fresh flowers on the table.

IMG_2577 IMG_2574

“Dinner Anastasia by Kelly Deck design”

This table was classically chic because of it’s very clean aesthetic. Inspired by her late grandmother who would handcraft gifts for guests the most interesting feature was a cross stitch motif on the backsplash. To do something this intricate on such a large scale would prove to be time consuming but the finished product was superb.


“Cheers to Understated Elegance by The Medina Group”

Bringing together natural elements, antiques and mystery I still have no idea how they hung all the wine glasses and got them to stay completely still. Magic perhaps?



A table that was literally all white and yet managed to be anything but boring. Their was a great mix of textures and shapes creating a table that was modern, clean and thought provoking.

IMG_2608 IMG_2613

“Into the Woods by Robert Blaney Design”

Drawing inspiration from his childhood the central inspiration was from the book “A Teddy Bears Picnic”. This table actually looked alive and it was “Tree’s” Chic. I loved the idea of wooden chargers made from assumably recycled trees, tree stump seating and a “table cloth” completely made of moss and forrest greens.

IMG_2616 IMG_2619

“Scandinavian Rustic by SOPHIE BURKE DESIGN”

The amalgamation of indoor and outdoor dining with a rustic twist. The inspiration was drawn from Scandinavian Barns and the rawness of the materials that surround them.


The next three tables were truly my favourites, there was such an attention to detail they stood out from the rest.

IMG_2588 IMG_2634

“Black & White Boudoir by Moeski DESIGN AGENCY”

This table was all about juxtaposition between hard and soft and a balance of sensuality and sexuality. The photography in the room was absolutely stunning especially when it hit the light from the ultra modern main light fixture. IMG_2624 IMG_2568 IMG_2567

“Crystal Clear by debut EVENT DESIGN INC”

The one thing that is most “crystal clear” about this table is that it’s a showstopper. This was one of the first tables I saw and immediate fell in love. It was completely enclosed by long strands of crystals that almost looked like dripping water. You literally looked like you were having dinner inside of the grandest crystal chandelier.

IMG_2562 IMG_2564 IMG_2565


“A mysterious encounter of strangers under the night sky” – Amanda Forrest

Theatrical. Dramatic. Enigmatic. The list of adjectives could go on and on. This table had a “come hither” magnetic pull with me. I don’t care what I have to do I am getting a set of those gothic inspired china plates.


The boys at The Social Concierge and the ladies of Mediatonic PR have once again put on a truly memorable event. Thank you to all the designers for pushing the envelope with your concepts and giving us something remarkable to take home with us. I wish I could celebrate every dinner, every day like I saw at Dinner by Design, but if I can’t execute it on my own I know their are people that can create the impossible.

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