By Joshua Langston

“I am a sartorial vampire, scouring the globe for the most beautiful targets, then granting them eternal life” – Cameron Silver from his new book DECADES A Century of Fashion

I felt like I was playing “Kill, Fuck Marry” when looking through my walk-in closet, trying to find something appropriate to wear to meet Cameron Silver. When you’re meeting someone who is known as not only as one of the “Dukes of Melrose”, “The King of Vintage” but also one of Time Magazines Top 24 influential people in the fashion industry, you gotta step it up. I knew that I had to find a couple good vintage pieces, so I gravitated towards this 90’s silk Versace button-up with an all over diamond print, and my vintage Louis Vuitton spectator creepers.

A couple weeks ago, I had been at H&M doing a ‘random browse for nothing in particular’ when I came across a black blazer with long fringe attached across the arms. It had this very “Claude Montana” vibe. After I threw on my favourite Cotte D’armes pants to finish the whole look, I was ready. I basically looked like the love child of Stevie Nicks and Liberace.

Decades x Blubird Boutique

I ran out of my building towards the cab and a gust of wind stronger than Beyonce’s wind machine hit me.  The jacket came alive and people passing by gave looks of shock, awe and WTF. Perfect. I got in the cab careful trying not to sit on my fringed arm party, and picked up Lyndi Barrett of STYLEcalling, who was serving a MAJOR Alberta Ferretti cape moment. We arrived at BluBird at 5:30 sharp for the pre-event media portion, greeted by Jillian Crago, the founder of Gold Lemon Creative.

Jillian, her team and the team at BluBird were the ones responsible for hosting this event. Blubird is a one stop shop for everything a girl dreams of having. They have a fabulous assortment of prints, an incredible shoe selection and rows upon rows of sunglasses that make me weak in the knees. The store had a select amount of copies of DECADES A Century of Fashion available to purchase at a special price just for the event. The book is a comprehensive look at the last century of fashion, filled with iconic photos, and information about all the key designers over the last 100 years. (It now has a prominent place on my coffee table and I’ll be sure to reference it for shoots and articles in the future).

Decades x BlubirdLyndi Barrett of STYLECalling and myself33


This book is a MUST HAVE for any fashion enthusiast of any age. Sophia, the General Manager and buyer of the boutique, was so engaging when we met her and could barely contain her excitement for the event.

When Viranlly and Jacky (Our new content manager at TSL) joined us, The Boys of TSL were finally in one room together, the ‘TSL Trifecta’ if you will. Jacky was wearing a great leather jacket with stud details and layers of chain necklaces, while Viranlly was rocking some Kenzo inspired printed pants that got a “You BITCH!” out of me. They were FANTASTIC, but then again, we expect no less from our dear V. With a glass of prosecco in hand we cruised around the store, my first stop naturally was sunglasses.  I fell in love with their vast selection of Elizabeth and James eyewear in every colour and print you could imagine.


Enter Cameron Silver. He was wearing an exquisite KENZO emerald green suit with matching penny loafers. While awaiting our chance to say hello to the man of the hour, I shot back a glass of liquid courage and off we went. Lyndi, Viranlly and I sat down with a beaming Cameron, who’s energy remained magnetic even after a full day of interviews, which he had previously done. I told him about my mom’s admiration for him, she was actually the one that told me about his show “Dukes of Melrose”. I recall a few weeks prior to receiving the invite to the event, she was RAVING about the show.

Mom: “OMG Joshua, have you ever heard of Cameron Silver and his store Decades”

Me: “OBVIOUSLY. He’s kind of a big deal”

Mom: “I was watching his new show called Dukes of Melrose and he is like BEYOND fabulous. I would absolutely love to go shopping with him, and perhaps teach him “The Vowel Rule”


I explained my mom’s shopping “Vowel Rule” to Cameron, “The designers have to end in a vowel, for example, Prada, Miu Miu, Versace but Dior, Chanel and Tom Ford are ok too.” to which he smiled and laughed. As soon as I sat down Cameron said “I absolutely love your glasses, who are they by?”  Still a bit nervous that I was sitting right across from the man himself, I quickly answered “Celine (they are actually sunglasses that I had a clear prescription put into. When I was looking at the eyewear I couldn’t find anything big enough for my face, I have a philosophy that more is MORE).  The next thing I knew he had taken them off my face to try on and in mere moments he responded, “I must have them”. I grabbed my friend Reid Boultbee’s card (he is my eyewear guru at Granville Optical) where I had purchased them. He took a quick snap of me and emailed Reid immediately.

Subject: Do you have these Celine glasses?

Body: I want them.


Attached with a picture of myself in the eyewear

Then he noticed my fringed blazer and the same thing happened. He absolutely loved it and asked me where it was from. I told him that he would be slightly surprised by my answer when I said, H&M, and he responded, “Fabulous, I must have it”. At this point I’m feeling pretty damn good about my sartorial choices for the evening.

When Viranlly introduced himself to Cameron he noticed V’s printed KENZO inspired pants and when V told him they were from The Gap, he was quite impressed. What can I say, I’m a “High/Low” guy at heart and I was intrigued when he told us that he wore head-to-toe Joe Fresh for the independent spirit awards. After about 20 minutes of talking with Cameron we snapped a few pictures and had our books signed so he cold share his time with the other attendees. He signed my book “OMG I am totally stealing your style…Stay chic and Sexy, Cameron” and my mom’s copy with “I LOVE your vowel rule, lets go shopping! Stay chic and Sexy, Cameron”.

The TSL Trifecta: Jacky Le, Viranlly Liemena and Joshua Langston

Blubird x Decades

With the event now in full swing the room quickly filled and a queue to sit with Cameron began to form by the entrance of the store. Delicious canapés were passed through the boutique from their next-door neighbour, Italian Kitchen, one of my favourite restaurants along Alberni St. Jillian grabbed me and asked me to take a photo in the entry way of the boutique and show off my fringe party. I must give Jen from Gold Lemon Creative props, because the photo is brilliant! One of my favourite moments of the night was when a group of us were talking and M’c Kenneth, aka Lil Fashionisto, started braiding the fringe on my blazer and I hadn’t even noticed.

Thank you to Jillian and Gold Lemon Creative, Sophia and the team at Blubird and of course Cameron Silver himself. It was such a pleasure to see someone radiate with so much passion towards the industry paired with an approachable and genuine persona. I cannot wait to pop by Decades next time I’m in LA and say hello and OBVIOUSLY get my shop on. Until then, Joshua xx.