By Joshua Langston

I love coffee. It’s always been an integral part of my day for various reasons. Whether it’s to help kick start my day, or to catch up with a friend, regardless coffee is essential.

In May my friend Randa Salloum of The-Unprecedented decided to do just that, grab a coffee and catch up, but what we got was a lot more. We both starting talking about our websites and how we really wanted to take the dive into video projects and launch youtube channels. This is where our game of “idea ping pong” started and we decided it would be a great opportunity to collaborate on a project together. One thing was for certain, if we were going to do this, the execution had to be right.

We started playing with ideas and Randa had mentioned how much she loves Fidelity Denim and that’s when the idea came about, “A day and the life in my Fidelity Denim”. Randa is much more than your average style blogger that just pose for pictures, her style posts also tie in her adventures in dating and what’s going on in her life. The idea was that no matter where her day takes her, the one constant is her Fidelity Denim. When we were figuring out who we would get to shoot it, Randa suggested Mark Relf of Kismet Creative. Mark Relf is a top videographer with over ten years experience working with clients like Warner Brothers and The BBC.

It was incredible how Mark was able to take our original idea and build upon it and take it somewhere beyond what we had imagined. He has an incredible eye and was extremely easy to work with.

We’re so excited to launch our new Youtube Channel, and our first video project which you can check out below.


Featuring Randa Salloum, Joshua Langston
Concept: Randa Salloum, Joshua Langston and Mark Relf
Directed, filmed and edited by Mark Relf of Kismet Creative

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