By Ayana Giann Carlos

Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs have built their reputation on never holding back when it comes to sexiness, (no matter how “conservative” the occasion may be). Their Cushnie et Ochs RTW Fall 2014 collection, of course, didn’t fall short of their signature as we were able to see a prominent assortment of plunging necklines, peek-a-boo bras and sky high slits. However, it’s hard to ignore that Cushnie and Ochs have gone softer with this collection, especially with their beautiful draping and some looks were surprisingly more conservative than what we are used to seeing from the label.

“It’s a little more lady, but our lady. A little more covered up,” said Michelle Ochs with a laugh during a backstage interview with Vogue. Who wouldn’t chuckle at the thought of a risqué design aesthetic taking the chance on modesty. It sounds absurd, but astonishingly enough, it was the more reserved pieces that stole the show. The first and twentieth look for example, a black lace-sleeved dress and a black edgy A-line dress, while both were simple, they still effectively embodied the elegance that they were going for. Likewise goes for their  scoop neck, full length white gown that practically glided down the runway. Also noted pieces were, a well tailored, double-breasted leather coat and a high collar pea coat with fur sleeves. These standouts, in comparison to the edgier and sexier pieces of the collection led some critics to believe that the visible bras and high slits might have been a little too much. We applaud the lovely ladies of Cushnie et Ochs for clearly sticking to their bold and sexy brand image while successfully unveiling a few new slightly more conservative looks in the mix.

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