By Joshua Langston

The tweeter behind the infamous account, @CondeElevator, has finally come out of the digital closet. Lauren Bans, who up until a month ago worked as an Associate Editor for GQ at the Conde Nast building, just admitted to being behind the @CondeElevator Account.  The account which was only active from August 6-11th 2011, still sits at over 76,000 followers on twitter, which is very impressive to say the least. @CondeElevator tweeted conversations that were “overheard” in the elevators of the Conde Nast building. While the percentage of truth VS parody is unknown, that didn’t stop it’s followers from retweeting it’s posts relentlessly.

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The news comes on the heels of another twitter user, John Lefevre, who ran the twitter account for @GSElevator (Goldman Sachs Elevator) coming out. In a story with the New York Times, he recently just inked a six figure book deal to tell his story. Ironically in Johns case, he did not even work for Goldman Sachs, nor did he even work or live in NY.

Lauren left GQ to work on a screenwriting career in LA, but can be found still freelancing out to other publications like Cosmopolitan.

Photos via @CondeElevator’s Twitter

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