By Adam Daniel Weiss

An ominous rolling bass line, a cloud of smoke and the projection of a far-off wintery tundra kicked off the show for the Nautica Black Sail Fall 2014 collection from head designer Chris Cox. Bringing a new definition to après-ski (or in this case perhaps it’s more après-sailing, given the historic maritime provenance of the brand), the collection brings to mind a picturesque frozen wonderland where fur-trimmed parkas, ski goggles and scruffy faces are the de rigueur look .

 Utilizing a mix of modern fabrics in both ultra-shiny and matte finishes and a dark rich palette of fall hues, Black Sail is made for the modern costal man. Made to be layered and featuring such lush fabrics as alpaca, mohair and waxed calfskin, the collection is filled with belted parkas, chunky sweaters and cashmere cardigans. Countering the natural fibers are a range of nylon cargo trousers and digital printed vests and ink resin coated tech pants.

 Every look stood out from the rest and however they all worked well into the thematically wintery story with shown in front of a crowd that included actor/model Kellan Lutz and The Wanted’s Siva Kaneswaran.

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