By Martina Kiridzija
Photos by Martina Kiridzija

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We entered Luar Zepol’s Spring/Summer 2015 show inside the legendary and beautiful Webster Hall and it felt like we entered a nightclub – well, we did, and an iconic one at that.

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Handsome male models everywhere getting their final touches on hair and makeup, stylists running around making sure all looks were in order, and an unlimited candy, and water supply all along the bar backstage. The run-through was very important as well; making sure the show reached its dramatic approach with it’s intricate choreography.

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There were several accessories in the hair look, including plastic tie locks, and many last minute details needing assistance. The designer Raul Lopez clearly had a good crew of friends, and supporters around to help out. The energy was electric,  and everyone was so excited for the show. Even before I had the chance to actually meet Raul, we shared a double cheek kiss in the dark stairway as he mistook me from someone else!


All in all, there were really good vibes backstage and it lead up to a great show. I was dying to know the concept behind the different colour paints on the model’s faces, and what they meant and key makeup artist Michael Anthony from Mac Cosmetics explained to me:

“Raul wanted the boys to look like they were coming into a new skin. Like, coming from their past and moving forward. So that’s why they are coming out of a black hole, and the darker guys are coming into a lighter, fresh new skin. We used MAC full coverage to perfect their skin and we used MAC black acrylic paint. “

Michael Anthony @ Mac Cosmetics

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 After the show I had a quick chat with Raul as he was celebrating his show backstage with his team of family and friends.

MK: You once said that your brand is a reflection of the story of your life, and each season is a different chapter. What chapter of your life are you referring to this season?

RL: Freshmen year in high school. Yeah, actually from junior high, it was mainly latin culture and then into freshmen like, multi-cultural races. That’s why I used the denim to represent the skin tones, so I used a lot of brown, black, green. And then the binding, the corset bindings, represents all the nationalities together in a way.

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MK: Do you have a certain way of planning or prioritizing when you start a new collection?

RL: I do, I actually go to my grandma’s house in the countryside in the Dominican Republic, and I just rock in a hammock and I lay there and kinda think (laughs).

IMG_1935IMG_1937MK: I love that you stay true to your Dominican roots, as well as your Brooklyn upbringing. Do you feel more particularly drawn to one or the other right now?

RL: Both. Growing up in Brooklyn, I was always going to The Dominican Republic so I’m really drawn to both at all times.


MK: Music is really important in coinciding with a designer’s collection for presentation. Did you choose a particular sound today and does anyone help you curate this? The sound was crazy, I felt like I was at a rave!

RL: It was definitely me in high school trynna find myself. Like hip hop, rave, tropical music. Gatekeeper helps me with my music selection, I work with them every season.


MK: Your designs are very loud (in a good way!) which takes a distinct personality to be able to rock it. Is there anyone in particular you would like to dress?

RL: Everyone. Yes, I’d like to see anyone and everyone wearing my designs!

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