By Joshua Langston

Photos by Joshua Langston and Martina Kiridzija



” So inspiration? Children of the Corn, which I love, and she said utilitarian and dreamscape. So for me it’s very dreamy almost like your in a field, but theres something dreamy about this. I thought to give the face structure with contouring with taupe blush form MAC, also contouring the temples, cheeks, and creating this really beautiful three dimensional highlight. Also doing the highlight on the nose, so when the are walking your seeing the shine from the front, and when they turn you see this really beautiful angelic glow that happens. I have been having really great response on Instagram, people asking what is the highlight and whats on the skin. Using this great luna cream colour base first by MAC, and then using Vanilla pigment from MAC, which is a high shine loose powder, and then neutralizing the lip. I’m also doing this very strange architectural liner [Super Slick – a waterproof liner form MAC] and it looks like a piece of the liner is missing, it’s a very interesting make up that is very achievable. ” – Romero Jennings for MAC pro team

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Slick sides, volume at the top and 90’s mens style. It’s a little androgynous, a little tom-boy-ish. The collection is a bit of a Children of the Corn inspiration. So she wanted it to be a cool girl, a urban girl, not a  horrible bad girl, but she’s not a goody-two-shoes either. The video is people running around in a place that looks very Pennsylvania, very dutch, amish territory, very light, flowy, artistic. We are massaging four different products, all from scruples, were doing a pomade, a gel wax, blow dry spray, and a super strong hairspray. It’s just the right amount of fucked up, it’s the season of the fucked up if you haven’t noticed. – Charlie Price for Scruples Haircare

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Joshua: When it comes to your design process what is the starting point for you and is it different when you design a spring VS a fall collection?

Karolyn: Obviously the fabrications and weights of the clothing and colour.

Joshua: What is the central theme behind your girl and where is she going this season?

Karolyn: Well this season she is going everywhere. It’s a collection based on the story of The Vagabond, so she’s here, she’s there, she’s back and forth not really calling any place home, not setting down any roots at all. There’s a carefree charm about it. She’s just floating.


Joshua: You launched a beautiful preview video a few weeks ago, what was he inspiration behind the video?

Karolyn: The idea of the vagabond running around, but also this thing of self perception, how you see yourself, and you’ve seen the video. It’s a guy I’m filming in womens clothing and I think that for me was how that girl sees herself, as a man.

SPRING 2015 from Karolyn Pho on Vimeo.

Joshua: Playing with masculinity again like we saw last season.

Karolyn: And really bringing it to a more surreal aspect, but seeing a man in womens clothing, I want that to be, I don’t want to say a regular thing, but thats where the industry is headed, that’s where culture is headed.


Joshua: I see that you have introduced handbags this season, what inspired the shape.

Karolyn: I wanted it to be still very masculine, but at the same time they are portfolios, not handbags, so it’s all based around work, all based around travel and being artistic and carrying around your work with you. That’s why they are so large.

Joshua: What is your favourite piece in the collection that we must have for SS15?

Karolyn: This one baby. [Points to her dress she is wearing] This is look number 1. This is my favourite piece it’s all at once feminine, girly and wearable and it has pockets so you can totally be a hoarder and stick things in them. I love being a hoarder.

Joshua: You always kill the shoe game with your shows, what made you decide this seasons silhouette?

Karolyn: It was an evolution of that to be honest with you. theres something to be said about norm-core and honestly the street style in bushwick, I think those kids just don;t give a fuck and I feel like that’s where fashion starts. So we got dansko to come in and provide us with all these lovely clogs, it also provides a very clinical feel to it, I get these like Nurse vibes.

Joshua: You have a long underlying and beautiful metaphor for this season, but if you could break it down to just 3 words, what would you say ?

Karolyn: Vagabond, Free-Spirit, Cult.


Joshua: Designers collaborating with other designers and artists is happening more frequently, is there another designer or high street retailer you would love to collaborate with?

Karolyn: Well this season we did eyewear with moscot which was really exciting for me. If I could do it with anybody, I would want to go with a company like ASOS, they are KILLING IT and on a international front. the are a powerhouse. I would love to work with a company that reaches such a large demographic, I love what they have done.

Joshua: Lastly, this is a bit selfish, but when will I see some Karolyn Pho designs for men?

Karolyn: Anytime you want, we can do you some custom orders baby.


With that, I melted into a puddle and had to be swept to my seat to watch the show.

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