By Joshua Langston

Photos by Martina Kiridzija and Joshua Langston



“We met with Georgine and she had this whole concept of  a South of France, straight off the beach, chic, bohemian look. We decided to go with this Bianca Jagger from the 70’s meets Jerry Hall kind of vibe. Half the collection has head scarves and wraps, while the other half the hair is down. We texturized the hair with texturizing spray from Alterna to give a nice base to the hair, we coated the hair a bit before doing anything, then we curl it with the curling iron, once we brush it out we use a  dry shampoo and then finish it with a mist that give sit some shine so it’s not so dry looking. This gives it a nice texture and volume, focused more towards the lengths of the hair.” Rick Pipino – Melville Pepino Salon

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“It’s a woman who loves luxury but is a bit effortless. She’s a woman who’s on Vacation in the Mediterranean on a yacht, so she is luxurious. She doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on her makeup. The skin is made to look it’s best. We used mineral powders as a bronzer. The most important thing is the eyes and the lips. the eyes are a blend of pencils like this deep burgundy/brown/red mixed with my favourite product, this mac pro eye gloss. It’s sort of a sweaty red/brown eye on the lip, and the lips we use lip erase to take down the red of their natural lip and a bit of gloss to give it shine. So it’s texture on the eyes and lips that give it opulence without looking too drawn on. I think there is always room for dark eyes, spring, summer, fall, night, day, whatever, a sexy eye is always a sexy eye. eventhough it’s dark it’s transparent it’s not a dark matte smokey eye, it’s more about a eye that looks like it’s been in humid weather. Which to me always looks sensual, when i think of a woman in the tropics of Cuba, she;s sweaty but in all the right places. – Gordon Espinet with the M.A.C Pro Team

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By Joshua Langston

Photos by Martina Kiridzija and Joshua Langston


JL: Was there any differance in the process of designing a spring collection this time around VS a fall collection?

GR: No. Inspirations come naturally to you, I was inspired by photographs by Slim Aarons and the pictures i was most drawn to were the women that were nearly naked so they would be wqearing a bathing suit, maybe a sarong over it at most. I love those photographs, and I took a trip to Kos Samui in the south of Thailand where the entire time I sat in my bathing suit sketching on the beach. and at night time we went out for diner and I did not want to take off my bathing suit. I would throw on some high waisted pants or a vintage caftan over it, I love this feeling, I started thinking about this feeling of 1970’s jet set, women like Bianca Jagger and what they would wear to a nightclub in Saint Tropez, or back in the city at somewhere like Studio 54 because they would wear their bikini tops going out.

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JL: New York City is one of the most inspiring places in the world, and eventhough this collection may not have directly drew influence form that, what part of New York City inspires you?

GR: The people, the architecture, the style in the streets even the smell. theres a lot fo places that inspire me, the people we see on all of our trips but New York is a very special place.

JL: What is your Must-Have piece for SS15?

GR: I would have to say the fur totes.


JL: I also noticed backstage you have some surfboard inspired purses this season, how did they come about?

GR: We did purses last season, with the round stingray purses. This season we were thinking beachwear, but in a super luxrious way, so we tried to think of what we could do. The idea of a surfboard came to the table. We worked with Max Steiner Design and created them out of leather with plexiglass cuffs and a zipcord that would attach them. It reminds me of the cords that attach to your ankle when you are surfing.

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JL: Now you are going into your second season showing in New York. What did you learn from last season and how did you apply it to this season?

GR: Try to work more in advanced and be better organized.



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