By Joshua Langston

Photos by Viranlly

The hustle and bustle of backstage before a show is a type of energy one cannot replicate. The scene backstage before the Thrift Chic Challenge at Eco Fashion Week was no different. There were so many blowdryers in use you could almost feel a current of hot air rolling through the room. It’s in these final moments before the show that everything comes together.

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 The team of La Biosthetique looked quite calm considering we were about 45 minutes from show time, likely because they can do this in their sleep they are so talented. They are a force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry, lending their talents behind-the-scenes at various fashion weeks around the globe including Paris Fashion Week and Australian Fashion Week.



 Key Words – Grunge, Last Nights Make-up, Edgy meets delicate,

Dark, Nude Lip, Wet looking Hair

Products Used

Heat protector -combination to make look wet. High gloss finish

Shine on crazy – paste

Style warp smooth and piece and hold


Grunge. Smokey. Went out all night slept in makeup, pale skin,

matte nude lip



Key Words – Loose un-classic up do’s. Texture, In Motion,

Movement, Strong yet delicate, Healthy and Pretty

Hair Products used

Fine volume powder – adds texture and volume

Volume mousse -add hold and texture

Formule Laque – helps smooth and set hair. Also finishes the

hair and helps hold


Main focus – Ombré lip. Healthy, dewy and glowing skin.

IMG_9548 IMG_9543IMG_9599


Key Words – Menswear inspired.

Bold Brow Focus, Neutral, “Don Draper Look” Matte skin,

Powerful, Sharp, “a Guy who likes to smoke and drink whiskey”,

Low pony-tails, very shiny hair

Hair Products Used

Matt clay

Formule Laque – helps smooth and set hair.

Also finishes the hair and helps hold.


Eyebrow focus. Strong Brow. Matte finish

IMG_9552IMG_9551 IMG_9607IMG_9611

Even the stylists that were showing seemed quite calm backstage at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, the gorgeous venue the shows were taking place in. I ushered myself out of the backstage area just before they started seating for the shows, shamelessly grabbing a bag of Be Coconut chips on my way out.


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