by Anna T Fabulous

Last week Joshua and I got an exclusive behind-the-scenes, or I mean, behind-the-shoes, preview of the upcoming (and legendary) Army & Navy Shoe Sale in Gastown.  We were invited by The Vancouver Sun to partake in a 90-second shoe challenge.  Yup, it was just me, Josh and a bunch of shoes.  Sounds like heaven doesn’t it?

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 1.00.48 PM

Army & Navy Shoe Sale 5 Army & Navy Shoe Sale 4

We were taken upstairs to walked were shown to the boxes and boxes of shoes being prepped for the sale (beginning this Wednesday April 24th at 8am, PS).  There were literally thousands of shoes being prepped.  THOUSANDS.  We were able to touch and feel over 50 pairs and that didn’t even scratch the surface of how many more were hidden away.  ALL the shoes being prepped will be fresh on the sales floor, unreal styles and everything will be under $40.  For example, the little yellow ‘Jimmy Choo’-esque pumps I’m wearing?  THEY WERE ONLY $14.99!  I bought two.  (No really, I did.  I bought a yellow and a green pair).

Army & Navy Shoe Sale 2Army & Navy Shoe Sale 7

Next came the real challenge.  Josh and I each had 90 seconds to pick our three favourite styles and then explain to The Vancouver Sun why we choose them and how we would style them.  Cute, right??  Naturally, the first pair I grabbed were clearly inspired by last year’s Celine loafer.  Am I really that predictable??

Watch the the whole video and the rest of our picks here.

See you on Wednesday for the sale! 


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Anna’s picks

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