PEOPEL: Anderson Cooper, Stacey London, Allison Williams

PLACES: New York

THINGS: Anderson Cooper Live taping

Anderson Cooper 3

Two days before I left for NYC, I received a text from my friend Tanis, an actress who is living in New York.  She had secured us tickets to go to the Anderson Cooper Live show the day after I arrived.  Needless to say, I was sold on the idea just knowing I would be in the same room as CBS’s very own silver fox.  Then…she told me the guests.  Stacy London would be co-hosting and Allison Williams, of HBO’s Girls, was scheduled as the special guest.  “Quit lying to me,” I texted back, while checking the Anderson Cooper Live site. But there I saw it. She was, in fact, telling the truth [insert high pitched scream here].

In a pre-show email, CBS mentioned that we should wear bright colors and come prepared with questions.  Luckily I had tucked away my boxy red vintage Versace blazer.  She was nestled in the sea of black (this is New York afterall). On the day of the show, I had absolutely no problem getting up at 5:30 AM.  In one fluid motion, I shut off my alarm, jumped out of bed, headed into the shower (still asleep), rolled into my outfit and headed out the door.

Anderson Cooper 2

I met Tanis in line at the Anderson Cooper Live studio and she came bearing coffee and a deli breakfast sandwich.  Well-played.  We made our way through the backstage maze and into the holding room.  Over the course of the next hour, a variety crew members asked us questions about ourselves and what brought us to the show.  I explained that I was from Canada and I was visiting to cover NYFW for TSL and how ironic that the day I show up to a taping, Stacy London is the host.  I watched the wrangler take some notes and she asked to snap my photo and told us to have fun.  Moderately puzzled, we waited for our turn to enter the studio.

The Anderson Cooper studio was completely surreal.   I spent a lot of time on movie sets as a kid because my father works in the film industry, but never on a talk show set.  We waited patiently at the entrance of the studio until one of the production coordinators walked us in.  The cutest aspect of the show is the section called “the tweet seats” where you sit and live-tweet the show (obviously the exact place we needed to sit).  We made our way down the stairs, but not towards the “tweet seats.” I asked her if we could sit there. Nope.  She had decided that we should sit front row instead. Oh darnn.

Anderson Cooper 1

The in-house comedian worked up the crowd for 30 minutes. She named people based on a distinguishing characteristic or article of clothing.   For example, “Ascot” was a older retired gentleman who had worked as a peace officer for the UN.  Then suddenly…

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…and we’re rolling!

The level of production behind the show was mind-blowing. I have never seen such a well-orchestrated team. Enter Anderson Cooper and his piercing blue eyes.  Being front and centre, I needed to focus on controlling myself and avoiding mishaps like face palms and drooling.  Stacy London then came out and she looked right at me and mouthed the words “I love your shoes.”  She was impeccably dressed.  She wore the most beautiful statement necklace. I later found out it was part of a collaboration with Sorrelli Jewellry.

During the “First 15” segment they covered current events like the impending storm that was geared to hit NYC directly and dogs wearing booties trying to walk.  It was ADORABLE.  During the commercial breaks, Stacy and I interacted through whispers and lip reading.  Fierceness.

Anderson Cooper 5

Allison Williams was the special guest and she talked about how she watches each episode of GIRLS for the first time with her family.  If you haven’t seen the show or are unfamiliar with it, let’s just say- I wouldn’t be so brave as to share it with my family while in the same room with them!  Allison also mentioned her newest project- her first beauty campaign with the skincare company Simple, a line that takes a holistic approach to skincare.

After the show had wrapped, Anderson graciously thanked the audience for their participation and the next thing I knew, Stacy pointed at me and waved me to come over.  I looked at Tanis, looked at Stacy and repeated this motion a couple times before popping out of my seat.  Stacy grabbed my arm and took me backstage to the Anderson Cooper Live Photo Booth to take a couple’s photo. Yup, this happened.  I skipped out of the taping all the way to Chelsea…in a full blown prance.

Anderson Cooper 4

I headed back to the TSL NYFW HQ.  Next task: the afternoon fashion shows.  See you soon! Xx Joshua