By Joshua Langston

Last night was the highly anticipated launch of the Alexander Wang x H&M at an exclusive fashion show in New York. Since we first heard about the collaboration, during an event at Coachella this year, the fashion world has been waiting with baited breath to see the end product. Further teases came to us in the form of the official ad campaign, featuring some of the biggest models of today like Joan Smalls, Raquel Zimmerman and Isabeli Fontana. The show took place at The Armoury on The Hudson which was transformed into a indoor track and field stadium. The collection was inspired by performance wear, mixing function with Wang’s signature sleek street appeal.


In the moments before the show you could see the attendees wearing “Team Wang” and “Team H&M” tank tops, waving “foam fingers” shaped like bowing gloves. While the event was filled with mostly celebrities, press and tastemakers, there were a few devoted fans of H&M + Alexander Wang that got to see the show after receiving “Golden Tickets” from vending machines at select H&M stores in NY.


“Tonight’s event for the launch of Alexander Wang x H&M was about high energy and a full experience that goes beyond fashion; from the attitude and speed of the show, to the pop-up store in a locker-room setting, and the performances by Missy Elliott and Sharaya J at the after party,” says Alexander Wang. “I wanted for everyone to be able to just let go and have fun and hopefully we achieved that tonight.”

Leading up to the show, there was a playlist of 90’s hip hop and R&B playing in the background which foreshadowed some of the inspiration and suprises that would be seen. Just before the start of the show, a group of young muscular male gymnasts took to the runway to launch themselves from trampolines to wooden boxes in a true “Parkour” fashion, making a nod to the performance wear inspired collection.

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“Tonight’s celebration truly reflected the theme of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection. It was like being at the ultimate meeting between fashion and sport, and it was perfect to launch it here in New York,” says Margareta van den Bosch, H&M’s Creative Advisor.

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The logo-mania of the 90’s was very present in the collection, with Wang’s moniker emblazoned across sweatshirts and elasticized waistbands. The collection was filled with some of his staple materials like leather and neoprene. The collection on the whole is incredible and a great representation of both brands, and individually each piece stands up against the rest.

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I gravitated towards the sweatshirts with the 3D “WANG” across them, the neoprene coats and utility parkas, and obviously the leather sweat pants and sweat shorts. This is easily my favourite of all of the collaborations H&M has had to date, and I would say this collection strongly resembles what Alexander Wang does for his namesake brand. With the impending launch on November 6th creeping up closer and closer, I’m sure it will set records for the earliest person to start waiting in line, hell I may even start waiting in line tomorrow.

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If you missed the show which was livestreamed on and , you can check it out below:

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