The Social Life is a online publication at the intersection of fashion, lifestyle and culture. When TSL began in late 2012, it started as a creative outlet to document what was happening in the social scenes in Vancouver, Toronto, New York and San Francisco.

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In 2014, Joshua Langston took over as the editor for The Social Life and began working on refocusing the publication. The new direction focused more on fashion, lifestyle and culture, expanding the each beyond just the original host cities. From attending pop-up events like Diner en Blanc, to intervieiwing designers, shooting backstage and runway footage and covering shows, the growth of The Social Life has been rapid.

Whether you are looking to find out about the latest runway shows, the newest hotspots to eat at, or in-depth interviews with fashion insiders, musicians and the faces behind some of the worlds biggest brands. [Need to condense or make into two sentences). Another important aspect for The Social Life is being a platform for the next generation of artists and innovators to be discovered.


Joshua Langston
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Joshua Langston became interested in fashion at a very young age. Growing up his father worked in film/tv and would spend a lot of his time hanging out on set with him. Whenever Joshua could not be found, you only had to look at the wardrobe trailer, where he could be found hanging with the stylists and playing in the racks of clothing. His mother was also a huge source of inspiration in how she would collect and archive special pieces, but also in how she would style her outfits blending luxury designer clothing with thrifted finds.

Highschool is when Joshua started experimenting with style, one day he would show up to school looking very prep in Tommy Hilfiger, while other days he would live in cordoruys, a concert t-shirt and a studded denim vest.
It was when Joshua enrolled at the prestigous Blanche Macdonald Centre, that he was able to delve further into various aspects of the industry. To say Joshua flourished in this enviroment would be a bold understatement. He was able to take years of watching Fashion TV, reading magazines like Vogue, Dazed and GQ, to his advantage which landed him an internship to go to NYFW and work behind-the-scenes with a brand fo the last season at Bryant Park.

After graduation Joshua started writing freelance to various publications before starting with The Social Life as their Vancouver contributor. The next two years would become a whirlwind of events, fashion weeks and collaborations.

Joshua currently runs The Social Life as it’s editor.

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