By Anna T Fabulous


Quit your jobCHECK

Buy a ticketCHECK (See you on Jan 9 LA)

Get a TanCHECK (LA, you better be sunny….otherwise we’ll have to hit up our friends at Organic Tan)

Fall in Love– With my self? With my friends? With my family? With life? CHECK 

Never ReturnCHECK

2013 has arrived and The Social Life is ready to go.  It feels AMAZING to start a New Year completely fresh.  Feels like half the battle has already been completed.  The hard work hasn’t even begun, but if we all put our minds to it, our goals and dreams for this new year will become a reality.

The Social Life has got some crazy shit planned for the year ahead, and I can’t wait to start revealing all our tricks.  So to start, I’ll share with you TSL’s Goals of People, Places and Things to see and do in the year ahead (and so far, it looks like all systems are go).  Expect to see all, or at least part, of The Social Life teams at these 2013 events .


COACHELLA, Southern California April 2013



DESIGN WEEK, Milan April 2013

We’ve been told it’s like Fashion Week x 1000.  SIGN US UP (plus any excuse to go to Italy is a good excuse).


LIFE BALL, Vienna May 2013

This was the first ‘must-do’ task added to the 2013 list after our contributor Nathan Parker wrote about this monumental annual fundraising event from last year.


MEN’S FASHION WEEK, London/Milan/Paris June/July 2013

Let’s hear it for the boys! The Social Life (and the rest of the world) always gets their hands deep in the traditional fashion weeks in February & March, but what about the MEN.  While we’ll miss the first season of Men’s Fashion Week (in January), I promise we’ll make it to the next round.


BURNING MAN, Nevada September 2013

Come on.  I’ve lived in the Bay Area for over three years now.  All my friends do it, and I’m desperate to try it.  And YES, if all my friends jumped off a bridge then I would, too.  Life without them would be miserable anyway.  See you on the Playa!

article-0-14C789EB000005DC-980_964x573ART BASEL, Miami Dec 2013

This is The Social Life’s light at the end of the tunnel.  When we make it to Art Basel next year, it’ll mean we’ve made it. Period.


“The Adventure Begins”